What to do in case the Tata Play technician, despite the many calls to customer care, doesn’t come to resolve my problem? Is it wise to go to the consumer court?

Being associated with Onlinedth.com and DTH Industry for such a long period, I can tell you that Tata Play is known for the best customer service among all DTH operators. It can quite come out as a shock if you face any such kind of situation.
I will suggest you to please follow these points before going to consumer court-

  • Please check your registered mobile number. It might be possible that in records of Tata Play incorrect number of yours is registered and the technician would be calling that incorrect number again and again.
  • Write to Tata Play on their social media pages.
  • Write to higher authorities of Tata Play. You can find the email IDs on the Tata Play website.

I am sure this will resolve your issue.

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