Smart Access Control

Smart-I access control & security systems provide solutions with deep domain knowledge and purpose-built applications designed to meet the unique security needs of your business. As a security partner, we bring intelligent framework and IoT management to the Cloud such that people, process, and technology can play an equal hand in modernizing your security efforts.

Innovative access control. That’s what the new smart system delivers. It combines the advantages of a traditional access control system with flexible and smart online control via the web or an Intranet. Create and adjust locking plans, react instantly to events, open doors at the touch of a button and arm your alarm system: you can now do it all from the comfort of your home/office or from anywhere on the go. An app even makes it possible to adjust settings simply by using your smartphone.

Smart access control solutions are customized for your needs whether it is for one location or multiple locations across the country. This is even more critical because access control numbers are on the rise. The new approach is focused on keeping the wrong people out vs. just recording what happened.