Multi DTH MDU – Common Antenna Systeam

We are providing Multi-Dwelling Unit solution for multiple TVs within the same multi-storied building that includes residential, commercial, hotels, hospitals, and more with a single or two DTH Antennae to receive Direct-to-Home service. Once the DTH is installed, residents have the choice to subscribe to the DTH services.
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Yash Retail And Service known for its name in the field of MULTI DTH, CATV, and optical
fiber Network has installed many projects added to its client list. With the excellence in
performance quality and maintenance and the Company has gained Confidence among
Yash Retail And Service assurance in quality of service are backed up by latest state of
art technology equipment’s and expertise in this field.
Yash Retail and Service is also associated with SWS for its MDU Technology to establish
this technology for Community dwelling and big Commercial Public establishments like
Hotel, Hospital, Educational Institutions, and Airports etc. in India.
Yash Retail and Service with years of experience in this field has adapted this
technology tailored to India Conditions.
Yash Retail and Service MDU system, Dishes, Multi switches and accessories has
provide its excellent quality of solution for DTH & Cable TV distribution systems to its

Yash Retail offers technological SMATV solutions project contracting, by our expert, creative, responsible and actively participating staff.

As Yash Retail family, we offer service to preeminent organizations and institutions through on- the-spot investigations, project designing, application and technical support carried out by our experienced staff in line with our customers’ demands.

During project designing, our primary goal is to establish the most cost-efficient system infrastructure by using high-quality materials and perfectly meet our customers’ requirements.

We offer the best solution which can make the most of current resources and bring cost gains and provide value added to your projects.

We need to understand your needs thoroughly in order to analyze the details of any of your process in the best way. Following our analysis, we develop projects “exclusively for you” which are economical and offer energy advantage in the process extending from project designing to finding the best materials.

Multi Satellite + Digital Cable Tv  and Common Area CCtv Signal Distribution

Fiber + Coaxial distribution from single place

 We are providing advanced multi dth, digital cable Tv & cctv distribution solution through fiver and coaxial cable base. In this solution if you have more than one building and you don’t want to install multi satellite dish antenna in every building then don’t very we have a solution. We will install dish antenna only single place and after single place we will distribute all single through fiber till your next building back bone. After reaching signal in back bone we will convert all signal coaxial through optical receiver, If you need more information about our this distribution then please write us.

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